Agarwood Turquoise Bracelet 332 333

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Agarwood Turquoise Bracelet 332 333
Agarwood Turquoise Bracelet 332 333
  • This Agarwood jewelery features some turquoise beads, associated with the 6mm diameter natural Agarwood beads.
  • Each bead in this bracelet is hand-picked and strung on high quality elastic stretch cord to ensure the best quality.
  • This turquoise bracelet measures about 190mm long (size small) or 205mm (size medium), so it should fit any wrist size.

VIETNAM NATURAL AGARWOOD BEADS: Our Buddhist prayer beads is made as a kind of Agarwood jewelry from Vietnam natural Agarwood with the natural beauty wood grain. It consists of 18 Agarwood beads 6mm diameter and beautiful turquoise stones. 

TURQUOISE STONE BEADS: Small turquoise stones make the bracelet charmer and more attractive.

SPIRITUAL BRACELETS: The Agarwood is the "The wood of the God", it is used to made prayer beads or many kinds  of spiritual bead bracelet such as yoga bracelets, meditation beads bracelets, buddha meditation beads,…

FENG SHUI BRACELET, POSITIVE ENERGY JEWELRY: these feng shui bracelet for women are believed that they can boost positive energy, attract more luck. These bracelets are also considered off negative energy bracelets.

OTHER NAMES: Agarwood beads, Agarwood prayer beads, aloeswood beads, Agarwood mala, mala beads bracelet, womens mala beads bracelet, meditation mala beads, Meditation Bracelet, Natural Agarwood,chinese feng shui bracelet, feng shui lucky bracelet, feng shui beads, lucky bracelet, negative energy bracelet, negative energy beads

Agarwood is the special part of Aquilaria and Gyrinops. The formation of Agarwood occurs as a response to internal injury and infections in the stems of tree or their roots. Its aroma is distinctive and very valuable. Agarwood incenses have been valued for centuries by many cultures for spiritual activities. Because of its delicate scent, natural Agarwood is considered a highly revered wood of Buddhism,Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

Agarwood quality is based on species and variety of genera, geographic location as well as time of infection, harvesting and processing methods. Kim Anh Agarwood bracelet consists of natural Agarwood from Vietnam, where is considered to be the origin of highest quality Agarwood around the world.

Kim Anh Agarwood Bracelet also consists of some lovely turquoise stones. Turquoise is a beautiful stones which have a range of heaven colors which are from aqua blue to light green.This kind of stone has been highly prized in various cultures by Persian, Egyptian, and Native American. Turquoise bracelets are also Feng shui bracelets or Feng shui Jewelry. In Feng shui, Turquoise is considered to be a combination of water and air elements. Turquoise bracelets make the energy flow better. Thus, turquoise beads are considered to help eliminate negative energy. Moreover, It also bring peace and attract higher positive energy.

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