Agarwood Insense Sticks - Grade C

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Agarwood Insense Sticks - Grade C
Agarwood Insense Sticks - Grade C
Agarwood Insense Sticks - Grade C
Agarwood Insense Sticks - Grade C
Agarwood Insense Sticks - Grade C

- Material: Pure 100% wild-crafted Agarwood from Vietnam with natural exotic scent and glue from Litsea glutinosa tree powder.

- Quantity: 100-110 sticks, 20cm long, 1.2mm diameter.

- Net weight: 20g

- Burning time: about 30 minutes per stick.

- Quality: 100% natural ingredient, no toxic synthetic fragrances

- Package: in a beautiful handmade box size 22 cm x 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm

KIM ANH AGARWOOD INCENSE STICKS: Our Premium Agarwood Incense is made from 100% pure high quality natural Agarwood incense powder with our secret formula. We use some different kinds of wild Agarwood to create the unforgettable and extremely fantastic scent that deeply affects the soul. It takes us to the spiritual door that is not limited by time or space and can bring us into the state of nirvana.

THE BENEFITS OF AGARWOOD INCENSE STICKS: We can enjoy the natural aroma of Agarwood by burning a stick for practicing meditation, yoga, zen or other spiritual activities with relaxing scent. Like  incense cones and incense coils, our meditation incense sticks are made from 100% natural Agarwood aloeswood. Instead of Agawood incense powder, we can burning a incense stick for 25 minutes. This is also simple but highly effective stress relief. So, many people are considered this aloeswood incense sticks as  stress relief incense.

HELPFULNESS IN SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM: Agarwood incense sticks can be used as a meditation incense or zen meditation incense. Since ancient times, aloeswood incense has been used in rituals of many different religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Brahmanism, Buddhism and Catholicism. Today, Agarwood is still used in Islam mosques and Buddhist temples,  especially Tibetan Buddhist temples. Our incense is  Tibetan meditation incense sticks always consist of Agarwood aloeswood incense powder and more easier to use than Agarwood incense powder.

VIETNAM HIGH QUALITY AGARWOOD: The Agarwood is found in natural forests in some Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, ... Vietnam Agarwood is considered as the highest quality Agarwood. Vietnam Agarwood scent is different from the other types of Agarwood scents, it is often considered a precious material for Agarwood incense because of this special aroma. Premium Vietnam Agarwood is the essential ingredient of all high-grade incense from Japan or Taiwan.

SOME OTHER NAMES: Aligawood incense, oud wood incense, gaharu incense, aloeswood incense, jinko incense, traditional Japanese incense, eagle-wood incense, oudh incense, …

Kim Anh Agarwood Incense contains 100% Vietnam Natural Agarwood powder and packaged with great care and attention to detail.

Kim Anh Agarwood incense is handmade product made by our secret formula. Several different kinds of Vietnam Agarwoods are ground and mixed together to create the amazing scent that is unforgettable  and extremely fantastic.

Kim Anh incense has scent that not easy to describe in words. It is rich, balanced, complex with sweet and deep warmth. Agarwood, for thousands of years, has used for purifying the mind, get rid of negative energy, bring good luck, …It deeply affects the soul, and take us to the spiritual door that is not limited by time or space and can bring us into the state of nirvana.

The raw material is the Vietnam Agarwood that rated as the highest quality Agarwood. Agarwood is the "The wood of the God", found in natural forests in many Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam ... In particular, Vietnam Agarwood is always considered the highest quality because of the special aroma.

The aroma of Agarwood Vietnam is very elegant, delicate and durable. Therefore, Vietnam Agarwood is the essential ingredient of most natural incense on the global market. Japanese has used Agarwood from Vietnam to produce their incense from ancient to present.

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